Kids & Teens One on One Tutoring


To understand a language is to gain a new perspective on the people of the world

Incredible things can happen for children when they learn a foreign language. Studying a foreign language helps students to develop compassion and understanding of the language, values, traditions, and customs of others.

Berlitz language tutors are highly trained, native-fluent speakers who are experienced with and enjoy teaching young people. Our instructor will work one-on-one with your child to build critical speaking and listening skills, using our conversational approach and age-appropriate materials to engage and motivate. With the instructor’s undivided attention, the Berlitz Kids & Teens® Private Tutoring program is designed to focus on your child’s individual needs and personal goals.

Choose Berlitz Kids & Teens® Private Tutoring if you:

  • Want to give your child an academic advantage
  • Want your child to be able to progress at his/her own pace
  • Want your child to have personal attention

Course Detail
Berlitz Private Tutoring is an ideal way to help your child master a school language program, improve test-taking skills, prepare for an advanced placement (AP) exam and help your child appreciate other cultures. This program is open to students up to age 17 and is available face-to-face at one of our Language Centers, or online with a live instructor.

Program includes:

  • Private tutoring for students ages 4 – 17
  • Tailored programs based on skill level, goals, and timeframe
  • Four 1-hour, face-to-face with an instructor at one of our Berlitz Language Centers